Our Story

Since my childhood, the world of cosmetics has fascinated me. I'm testing lots of new things and already looking at the ingredient list.

A graduate of Chimie Paris, I get the necessary knowledge in the field of formulation. Following my studies, I come to settle again in my native land.

A happy event will allow me to devote myself to my two passions: Touraine and cosmetics. I then created a first cream with the aim of using healthy, natural and local ingredients. I make cold creams in order to preserve the qualities of the oils and floral waters used.

I test several formulations until I get a quality cream, soft and fragrant. Two other creams will then emerge.

With my experience as a chemist, my energy and my convictions, I embarked on the creation of Odaloire.

Today, I offer you quality creams, soft and natural, just like Loire Valley.

A tribute to the garden of France

Odaloire is inspired by the Loire Valley, its river, its gardens and its heritage known throughout the world. Odaloire reflects the beauty of this region, simple and natural.

Preserved natural ingredients

Odaloire creams are made cold in order to preserve the natural properties of the ingredients used. The formulations are without synthetic perfume and without essential oils. The fragrance is the result of a balance between vegetable oils and floral waters.